• The new ME 235 electric mower

    The new ME 235 electric mower // Manoeuvrable and compact

    With compact dimensions and weighing only 13 kg, the new ME 235 electric lawn mower is the ideal helper for small gardens.
  • Refresh your lawn

    Refresh your lawn // Scarifying lets your lawn breathe again

    Scarifying ensures good aeration of your lawn and improves the supply of nutrients and water to the roots.

    YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, iMow // Looking for an innovative garden helper?

    The iMow MI 632 and MI 632 P robotic mowers from VIKING do all the work while you do whatever you want. Find out more about our robotic mowers here.
  • Top-class design and ergonomics

    Top-class design and ergonomics // Find out about the advantages of a mono-comfort handlebar.

    Do you know what the advantage of a mono-comfort handlebar actually is? Apart from simple handling, easy transport and space saving?