• Your neighbours will be delighted!

    Your neighbours will be delighted! // VIKING garden shredders

    It will soon once again be time to tidy up the garden. You are certain to find the new powerful and quiet GE 140 L and GE 135 L garden shredders of great assistance in this task. But you can also get a helping hand from our beaver "Shreddy": he regularly provides useful tips on Facebook!
  • "Top performance"

    "Top performance" // Top performance with broad appeal

    With cutting widths of up to 125 cm, it's almost a shame that the grass is mown so quickly. It's a good thing that the lawn tractors look great even when stationary thanks to their sporty design.
  • The rules of composting

    The rules of composting // These tips will make it easy for you!

    Owing to the focus on sustainability, composting is very much on trend. We provide you with helpful tips in our "Garden Time" feature. Our garden expert, Prof. Karl E. Schönthaler also has some useful advice and reports on "correct composting".
  • Love your lawn

    Love your lawn // The VIKING image film

    Convenient gardening power tools, lawns, gardens and people who enjoy them – true to our motto "Love your lawn". You can watch our updated image film now!