Shredding: sustainable benefit to your garden


Particularly in the autumn, a great deal of garden waste is generated. The lawn is mown for the last time, trees are pruned, hedges trimmed, leaves have to be collected and the wilted summer flowers are removed. The problem then arises of what to do with all the accumulated material. Shredding creates space and relieves you of bulky branches, bushy twigs and plant trimmings. The shredders significantly reduce the volume of the cuttings. These can then be more easily disposed of, or used in a space-saving manner as the basis for mulch or compost. The valuable raw materials that shredding provides are a significant further benefit: The composted shredded material contains precisely those nutrients which have been removed from the ground during the summer. The soil therefore receives exactly what the plants need to flourish during the next season.
Thanks to the shredder's special blade systems, the plant trimmings are shredded so finely that they quickly decompose to form high quality fertiliser.