Why does the lawn have to be mown, anyway?

... and who is happy about it apart from the adults?

Children talk

Yes, we'd love to know that too! At VIKING, we have a theory - but we want to get the full story and we want to hear it from those who are normally the least involved: the little ones! For this reason, we've encouraged you over the past weeks to ask the question at home and have been amazed at the things we failed to think of. We hope you enjoy your read.

  • Korbinian, 3 years old:
    "Because we don't have a goat to eat the grass."
  • Franz, 4 years old:
    "We have to mow it or the garden would turn into a jungle."
  • Marion, 3 years old:
    "We have to mow the lawn so that granddad doesn't scold us when it gets too long."
  • Jannes, 2 years old:
    "So that the mower hums nicely."
  • Max, 3 years old:
    "We have to mow our lawn because otherwise the fox would get our ducks."
  • Josefine, 10 years old:
    "So that we can always put our paddling pool on it in the summer."
  • Daniel, 6 years old:
    "I have to get my hair cut too."
  • Marie, 7 years old:
    "So that the neighbours don't give us funny looks."
  • Celina, 6 years old:
    "To get rid of all the ticks."
  • Lukas, 9 years old:
    "So that we can find our cat again."
  • Michelle, 11 years old:
    "So that we don't have to live in a jungle."
  • Nino, 3 years old:
    "If the grass is too long, the ants can't see where they're going."
  • Susanne, 7 years old:
    "So that it doesn't grow up to the sky."
  • Christian, 9 years old:
    "Because short grass is cuter."
  • Markus, 10 years old:
    "So that our landlord doesn't get cross and explode."
  • Sarah, 8 years old:
    "All of my girlfriends want to come to my summer birthday party without their shoes again, because it's great fun to run around barefoot on our soft, freshly mown lawn. It tickles so nicely and just feels so lovely. And that's just great!
  • Rico, 5 years old:
    "Because the rabbits can't eat it all."
  • Fabian, 4 years old:
    "Our rabbit likes the lawn and so do I, because it tickles my feet so much."
  • Julian, 3 years old:
    "Because daddy says so ...."
  • Sophie, 1 year old:
    "bah bah bah" (= because it's so much better to crawl around on)
Children Talk

And the winners are ...

Out of the numerous entries, our good fairy has drawn four children who will soon receive their prizes through the post, in the form of items from the VIKING Junior range. The winners:

  • Marie has won a VIKING Mini Trac
  • Lukas has won a VIKING Junior Trac
  • Rico has won a VIKING Rollino
  • and Markus has won a VIKING Mini Klip

Congratulations to you all!
The winners have been informed in writing.

Junior Range

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