Start up your ride-on mowers, winter is here.

With the new snow plough, you can also use your ride-on mower in the winter.

Clearing snow Now also available for the manoeuvrable ride-on mowers.
VIKING has developed a retrofittable snow plough to fit all lawn tractors, even older models. For this purpose, a small additional frame is attached to the lawn tractor or ride-on mower, onto which the snow plough can be mounted and removed with just a few manual actions. With the new snow plough, the transport position can be engaged effortlessly with the foot, which is significantly easier than with conventional manual operation. Manually, however, the side adjustment allows you to comfortably move the snow plough into three positions during operation. That way you can clear the snow right into every corner. Thanks to its gauge wheels, the snow plough developed by VIKING adapts to uneven ground, protecting the surface of terraces, paths and driveways. The scuff protection strip features two sharpened edges for double use.
Prior to winter use, VIKING recommends removing the mowing deck from the lawn tractor. VIKING supplies snow chains for all models to ensure perfect snow clearance.

Have fun in the snow with VIKING

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