Composting with all the tricks of the trade


Shredding and then composting is the oldest and most natural way of producing fertiliser in the world. Fertiliser produced in this way returns valuable nutrients to the soil and promotes soil organisms as no other fertiliser can – one handful of compost contains around ten billion organisms. However, it is important to learn how to compost correctly and you should pay particular attention to the following: always sort and collect branches, soft plant trimmings and earth separately. Then mix greenery such as plant trimmings, and brown material such as pruning material, into the compost and mix thoroughly. Never add large quantities of the same material. The compost bin should always be protected from the rain and be standing on earth. The composting process takes several months, depending on the temperature. You know that the compost has matured when it smells pleasantly of forest soil and fungus. Further tips and tricks on shredding and composting can be found in the VIKING Shredder brochure.

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