Education and training Higher education and further training are actively encouraged at VIKING. In addition to providing on-site training for a number of professions, such as mechatronics technicians or distribution logistics specialists, we support employees wishing to further develop their skills. VIKING also works in close cooperation with regional schools and universities and supports a wide range of education projects.

Education and training

Training has always been highly valued within the STIHL Group. We provide technical and commercial training opportunities to help as many young people as possible start a successful career. We also provide pupils and students with the opportunity to get their first taste of practical experience while studying, in the form of summer jobs, student and professional placements, internships or degree theses. Our objective is to fully prepare young people for the world of work, and in many cases for a successful career with VIKING. We also provide ongoing support for our employees to help them develop their professional skills. We do this by supporting specialist seminars and training as well as on-the-job study and training courses.

Worldwide training

As part of the STIHL Group, VIKING is also involved in projects across multiple locations and promotes the exchange of both technical and methodical expertise. In addition to internal STIHL training measures, we will continue to support international exchange programmes for trainees, students and employees in the future.

Education partnerships

At VIKING we believe that there should be close links between schools and business. We therefore participate in a wide range of school and university projects as well as regional university open days. We also offer factory visits, work experience, sponsoring and career coaching for schools and universities. Our objective is to provide pupils and students with an opportunity to obtain practical experience in a private company and make valuable contacts for the future while they are studying. Through these wide-ranging measures, we aim to help the employees of tomorrow take their first steps towards their future careers.

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