Employees We are driven by our employees. With the expansion of the VIKING competence center in Langkampfen, the parent company STIHL has demonstrated its commitment to the Tyrol location in Austria. In addition to job security, VIKING values the importance of fairness and mutual respect, responsible action and the well-being of its employees.

Social partnership

Voluntary employee benefits have always been a part of the VIKING company philosophy. Our aim is to support our employees in every way we can, extending beyond typical benefits such as subsidised canteen food, employee initiatives and discounts. At VIKING we regularly host company events for all employees.

Integration of people with disabilities

We actively support the integration of people with disabilities. Since 2010, we have had a representative for people with disabilities and we provide training to our managers to make them more aware of the needs of employees with disabilities. Of course, the entire VIKING building has full disabled access.

Job security

VIKING produces battery-powered devices for the STIHL Group. We currently manufacture nine battery-powered products. For us, this represents a validation of the quality of our production as well as a reinforcement of the Langkampfen location. This synergy has enabled optimal utilisation of our production building and has also reduced seasonal fluctuations.

Close bond

Our corporate culture is based on respectful, fair partnership in a friendly working environment. As a company within a large group, we are especially proud of the fact that our employees tend to stay with us longer compared with other companies and of our relatively low employee turnover.

Work and family

It isn't always easy to balance work and family commitments. We work with each and every one of our employees to find the best possible solution to meet the needs of parents working at VIKING and to help them achieve a better work-life balance. In addition to offering various part-time work models and home office workplaces, we support families by helping them to find childcare facilities.

Safety at work

At VIKING, we understand how important it is to ensure the safety of our employees. We have therefore taken the step of implementing internal guidelines in addition to the statutory safety regulations. These are reviewed and assessed regularly by an internal safety committee. In case of emergency, there are plenty of first-aiders on hand as well as a trained medical team, which can be reached via a special hotline during business hours.

Occupational health

We regard protecting and promoting the health of our employees as an important aspect of our social responsibility. VIKING provides professional occupational healthcare in the form of medical check-ups and ensures a healthy working environment, offers healthcare advice and organises Nordic Walking, yoga courses, back exercises, etc.

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