VIKING garden basics

Garden basics VIKING garden basics will provide everything you need to know about basic lawn care, tilling and processing of lawn cuttings & shredding material. Check out our new category VIKING garden experts for our insider tips.
All about your lawn

All about your lawn

A lawn is much more than merely grass and even amateur gardeners can derive long-term pleasure from their lawn by simply following a few important rules and tips:
All about cuttings and shredding material

All about cuttings and shredding material

As a gardener you'll love seeing your plants flourish. But it can sometimes become too much of a good thing. Here you will find information how to process clippings further.
All about soil

All about soil

Find out how to prepare your soil to serve as valuable foundation for your lawn a lifetime and why you haven't got to spend Winter months without your loyal assistants.
  • Online mulching brochure

    Online mulching brochure

    The clever way to mow. Love your lawn.

    Mulching brochure
  • Online lawn care brochure

    Online lawn care brochure

    More than just green. Plenty of tips for your garden. Online now!

    Lawn care brochure
  • Added value by shredding

    Added value by shredding

    Here you can browse through the online shredder brochure.

    Shredder brochure

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