Langkampfen, May, 2014

Minimundus – even miniature worlds need lawn mowers

Minimundus, the diminutive world on Lake Wörth, is a miniature park in the Carinthian state capital of Klagenfurt, which is renowned well beyond Austria's national borders. On an area of around 26,000 square metres, approximately 250,000 visitors explore the sights of this world each year – from the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of London to the Sydney Opera House. The buildings are meticulously accurate, faithful 1:25-scale reproductions.

VIKING, the gardening tool manufacturer based in Langkampfen/Tyrol, has formed an attractive partnership with Minimundus. Between and surrounding the numerous miniature tourist attractions, there are extensive green areas that require care. The fact that the Minimundus net profit is donated to the children's aid organisation "Rettet das Kind - Kärnten" ("Save the Child – Carinthia") immediately appealed to VIKING and, consequently, a green ride-on mower was presented to the Minimundus gardeners for care of the park.

Minimundus Managing Director Hannes Guggenberger says: "It was pleasing that the initiative for this cooperation came from VIKING. We are proud of our park and want to keep it in perfect condition. The mower does a great job and contributes to keeping our miniature world on Lake Wörth in top shape."

VIKING GmbH produces and sells lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, scarifiers, garden shredders and tillers. VIKING is a member of the STIHL Group and achieved a turnover of €153,9 million with 329 employees in 2013. Sales partners for the VIKING gardening power tools are service-providing specialist dealers.

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