Plenty of room for innovation –
the VIKING grass catcher box.

Plenty of room for innovation – the VIKING grass catcher box.

The design of the grass catcher box exhibits qualities innately assigned a high priority at VIKING in the development of new products. The plastic grass catcher box offers numerous advantages over its textile equivalent, making the lawn mower more comfortable, more effective and easier for you to use.

The VIKING grass catcher box comes in models of up to 70 litres in volume, allowing a large lawn area to be mown before the clippings need to be emptied. The level indicator tells you when the basket is completely full, every time - so you never empty it too soon or too late.

We believe that a grass catcher box should do more than just collect clippings: special VIKING slats also protect both you and the machine from disturbed dust and dirt as you mow. The flow of air generated by the cutting blade fills the grass catcher box completely, and is then channelled out via downward-directed side openings near the ground, allowing you to finish your garden work neatly, down to the last patch of grass.

The mown grass can be emptied with a few simple actions thanks to the two-part box design. The practical aperture flap can be used for easy access to your cuttings. The smooth surface of the box helps ensure that no grass remains inside when emptied, minimising the amount of clippings that clump and adhere compared with textile grass catcher boxes. Whether in the case of wet grass or soiling, a plastic box always performs well.

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