Power decides, precision wins.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS The STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES is an international timbersports competition. It was founded as a championship series in 1985 by ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG in the US, and has since become the premium event for timbersports. Competitions take place at the international and national level. In Europa, the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES has existed since 2001. National championships in numerous European countries and the European championships have been long established. Since 2005, an annual world championship event has been held, at which the best lumberjacks from all over the planet meet. VIKING is happy to have been a co-sponsor at this event for many years.

In a combined event comprising six disciplines, the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES athletes must prove the full range of their skills with the axe and saw. Strength, stamina and the perfect handling of the technical machines decide upon victory or defeat.


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