The last lawn cut this year.

The last lawn cut this year

Gardening enthusiasts should take a flexible approach to the timing of the last lawn cut of the year. As a rule of (green) thumb, the right time is mid- to late October, depending on the temperature and weather conditions. Once the nights start getting cold, your lawn will enter hibernation and stop growing. That's when you should give your lawn the last cut of the year - provided the weather is dry. Make sure to set the mower to the right height. Between 4 and 5 cm is perfect. This height will protect the grass from frost. Remember to remove the clippings, unless you have mulched. Clippings left on the ground will create damp conditions in which fungi and disease can spread. Regularly clear fallen leaves from your lawn. If wet leaves are allowed to lie for too long, the grass will die off, creating ugly patches.The right time for the last cut is from middel to end of Octobre depending on temperature and rainfall

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