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The rotary compression system, or when the cutting pattern becomes a piece of art.

The rotary compression system, or when the cutting pattern becomes a piece of art.

As a premium brand for lawn mowers, VIKING is constantly developing and producing machines that make lawn care more efficient and lawns more beautiful with cutting-edge technology and convenience. This was also the inspiration for the development of the innovative rotary compression system (RCS), which revolutionised lawn care a few years ago and which we have been continually perfecting ever since. Our lawn mowers are equipped with RCS as standard – starting with the compact electric and battery-powered mowers of the 2 Series all the way up to the especially powerful mowers of the 6 and 7 Series.

What does the RCS actually do?
Although the name rotary compression system might sound cumbersome, the principle behind it is actually very simple. Unlike the mowing deck of a conventional lawn mower, a mowing deck with RCS has a separate duct system in which a highlift blade accelerates the air to 60-80 metres per second. This produces a vacuum in the mowing deck, which pulls the blades of grass upwards so that they are straight and can be cut with powerful precision. What results is an especially beautiful and long-lasting cutting pattern.

Precision landing: the VIKING grass catcher box.
The perfect interplay between the highlift blade and ducted mowing deck in the rotary compression system also has a positive effect on the volume of cuttings. The flow of air generated by the blade fills the grass catcher box completely, and is then channelled out via downward-directed side openings to the ground, allowing you to finish your garden work neatly, down to the last patch of grass.
And VIKING is once again proving its expertise in the development of new products with the design of the grass catcher box. The plastic grass catcher box with its special vanes offers numerous advantages over its textile equivalent, making the lawn mower more comfortable, more effective and easier for you to use.

Make a clean cut.
Regular mowing is the most important thing you can do for your lawns. A VIKING lawn mower with rotary compression system does this quickly and efficiently, but also uniformly straightens the grass thanks to the high-performance rotary principle and cuts it all.  At the same time, the high air pressure ensures complete filling of the grass catcher box. What does this mean for you and your lawn? A beautiful, uniform, long-lasting cutting pattern. And faster working, since you don't have to empty the grass catcher box as often.

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