The VIKING multi-blade

The VIKING multi-blade


For years VIKING lawn mowers have been renowned for perfect cutting and catching. VIKING achieves these results thanks to the shape of the housing, the special plastic basket and the geometry of the blades, allowing for an excellent cutting performance and up to 100% filling of the grass catcher box.

However, blades need to have different properties to achieve ideal mulching results. A contradiction? No.

We have installed in series, the newly developed VIKING multi-blade in the new 6 Series. The multi-blade's specially shaped blades shred cut grass before it is either ejected, collected or evenly distributed over the lawn during mulching.

The VIKING multi-blade also has a target bending point. If the blade hits a large stone or other fixed obstacle in the garden, it bends at this point first and thus protects extensive the crankshaft of the engine

Now featured in the new 6 Series lawn mowers.