Three important garden jobs to do in April

Three important garden jobs to do in April

The month of April brings an explosion of flowers, delighting us and at the same time rewarding us for the efforts we made the previous autumn (don't forget, if you want tulips in springtime you have to plant them in October/November… Remember for next year!). But it's also the time when weeds are sprouting up thick and fast…

First step: weeding. Watch out mainly for plants that form rosettes (dandelion, plantain, ranunculus, etc.), which quickly cover the ground and stifle your favourite young plants. A hoe is easier to use than a simple weeding knife and allows you to simultaneously aerate the soil by breaking up the compact surface layer. Remember the old saying: "One tilling of the soil is worth two waterings," which means that by removing the weeds and aerating the soil, you reduce the competition for your plants and make it easier for rainwater to penetrate into the soil.

Second step: it's when the plants are in full growth that they need the most nutrients, especially if they flower quickly. Apply an organic fertilizer to provide the plants with the extra nutrients they need for several weeks. And don't forget the golden rule: always put fertilizer on wet ground to avoid burning the roots.

Third step, the one that really makes your lawn look great: tidy up the edges. Tedious work, but easier to carry out at this time of year when the ground is still damp and the plants not yet too developed. Use the right tool, a half-moon edger, or simply the blade of a spade, provided it's sharp. Where the borders delimit the lawn, edging them carefully makes mowing easier. And at the edges of your flowerbeds, the result is a neat appearance that sets off all your plants to perfection. All you'll then need to do is repeat the operation once over the summer to maintain a sharp edge.

Caroline Géneau

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