Sweden, December, 2007

Through Sweden on a lawn tractor in 46 days.

An unusual journey through the whole of Sweden ended recently. Kjell Fundin travelled an incredible 1,700 kilometres from Haparanda (Northern Sweden) to Ystad in Southern Sweden between 1 October to 15 November 2007. His vehicle of choice was a VIKING lawn tractor from the new T6 Series, which will be introduced onto the market next year. Kjell Fundin was able to rely 100% on his tractor and, for the Tyrolean gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING, this was the ultimate endurance test.

At approx. 10 km/h, the 59-year old chugged calmly along roads, paths and over fields, through the wide-open spaces of Sweden. Kjell Fundin: "In many parts of the country, people stood along the side of the road and wished me all the best. And many a Swedish cow elk shook its head in disbelief as I drove by. It was experience of a very special type at any rate." Even a snowstorm could not stop Kjell Fundin. His VIKING lawn tractor was reliable even under the most difficult conditions.

"Around the World in 80 Days" was the title of a novel by Jules Verne. What Kjell Fundin experienced in the 46 days with his VIKING lawn tractor in Sweden, was certainly enough material for an entire book.

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