Tips before the start of the season: Service check for your lawn mower

Tips before the start of the season

Before starting the new mowing season, it is advisable that you turn your attention to your lawn mower and get it in shape for its new gardening tasks.
The engine oil will have lost its lubricating capacity over the winter and it is therefore essential that it be changed. It is best to use VIKING special engine oil HD 10 W-30 during the transitional period.
The gardening year will also have left its mark on the mowing blade. If any small cracks and notches are visible, it must be replaced immediately. In any case, the blade must be re-sharpened and balanced so that the sensitive new  grass shoots are cut and not torn when mowing for the first time. You can of course turn to your VIKING specialist dealer for assistance with all these preparations.

Perfect season: February/March


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