Tips and notes

For a successful application

Tips for the application

What you should have at hand:

  • All important data and facts regarding yourself, your career and your qualifications
  • A covering letter to accompany your online application (e.g. as Word or PDF document)
  • A file with all relevant references and certificates

And furthermore:

  • Boxes designated with *, are mandatory boxes and must be filled in
  • Please ensure the completeness of your documents

Notes on file attachments:

  • The maximum size for all attached files is 2 MB.
  • When images are inserted in Office documents, these should be compressed. This ensures that the document does not become too large:
  • After you have inserted all the images in the document, click on one of them with the right mouse button and select "Format graphic".
  • A window opens. Select the "Compress" button here.
  • A window opens. Select the item "All images in the document" here and click on OK.
  • The images will then be compressed and the document will only be a fraction of its original size.

Data protection:

  • Your personal data will be treated by us with the strictest of confidence in accordance with legislative regulations. In the case of electronic transfer of your data, this will be encoded for your protection

You give your approval to your data being stored. We will use your data exclusively for the purpose of your application and will delete it after an appropriate time has elapsed.

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