215 km/h (134 mph)! VIKING boasts world's fastest lawn mower

VIKING boasts world’s fastest lawn mower

On a Facebook page and under the hashtag of the same name, "WorldsfastestVIKING", information on this unique project has already been available in recent months. What was announced as the fastest VIKING lawn mower also proved to be the world's fastest by reaching 215 km/h (134 mph).

Nordic origins

Already several months beforehand, the VIKING headquarters in Austria, its Sales headquarters in Scandinavia, STIHL Norden, and the Norwegian Motorsport Federation launched this joint project. Marius Gjevik from the "Norwegian Speed Factory" oversaw and managed the activities. In the past, he had already gained experience as a mechanic in professional motor sports and he contributed significantly to the successful outcome with his expertise.

More than 400 horsepower!

Taking into account all the safety aspects, the mower was comprehensively redesigned. Nevertheless, the exterior, with its hood, centre section and grass catcher box, was still strongly reminiscent of the VIKING T6 Series lawn tractor. The chassis had to be completely rebuilt in order to utilise the massive 405 horsepower developed by the engine. A Formula 1 paddle shift system was also a must. In order to achieve the official title and record as the "world's fastest lawn mower" also the necessary mowing deck and grass catcher box were attached.

Record set in Oslo

In the last few weeks, the mower was then officially tested under the gaze of hundreds of spectators in Oslo. On 5 November 2015, the ambitious objective was then reached at Sandefjord Airport by speeding to the record of 215 km/h (134 mph) – faster than any other lawn mower has ever achieved.

With this unique project, the VIKING brand underscores its innovative image as well as its excellence in development. In addition to lawn tractors, the Austrian company develops and produces lawn mowers, robotic mowers, garden shredders, scarifiers and tillers.

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