June, 2008


Strong commitment to school sponsoring

Garden tool manufacturer VIKING from Langkampfen is often involved in the field of school and education sponsoring. There were recently three noteworthy projects in this regard.
A project with the Higher Technical College, Anichstraße, Innsbruck was completed, which had run for more than a year. "Concept and design of a test stand for lawn tractors" was the task given to the student group of the Higher Technical College for Mechanical Engineering. And the results are impressive. VIKING project managers Sven Zimmermann and Rudolf Wagner were enthusiastic about the results: "We now have a test stand at our disposal, for which the development resources were simply not available at VIKING. A brilliant project with some really sophisticated special solutions and not merely an exercise. This fits in with our concept of cooperation between schools and business."
Another great concern for VIKING was supporting the "Africa project" of the Kufstein II Secondary Modern School. The gardening power tool manufacturer, with its strong international focus, was pleased to sponsor a project which promoted familiarity with other cultures. The eight different workshops covered activities including jewellery and pottery manufacture, T-shirt painting and African dance courses.
There was also support from VIKING for the very young. In the "Kinderburg" kindergarten in Kufstein (Endach), a VIKING electric lawn mower changed hands, in order to provide for perfect care of the play garden. The opportunity was also taken to present a few of the top sellers from the VIKING children's range.

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